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About Us

Founded in 2012, we recognize that in an uncertain world you need to know you, your business, and your assets are protected.
Clifford W. Owen, Founder, CEO, Defensive & Protective Solutions, LLC

Mr. Owen served 10 years in the U.S. Navy. During that time he was assigned to Navy Police, Pensacola. There he acted as military liaison to local Law Enforcement.  He worked closely with local LEO when apprehending personnel designated as Deserters.

He also worked in highly classified facilities where he was responsible for the integrity, operation, and security of the facility. He maintained security for all electronic devices as well as all physical security systems.

After leaving the U.S. Navy, Mr. Owen became a Firearms Instructor with the National Rifle Association to fulfill one of his desires to help promote firearm safety within the civilian community. While doing this he founded Defensive & Protective Solutions, LLC. The goal was to provide the best personal and property security services to individuals and businesses in Maryland, and continue to provide firearm safety training to the residents of the Mid Atlantic Region.

He has since become a Certified Handgun Instructor in the State of Maryland providing required training for all COMAR Handgun Permit holders in Maryland. With the change in state law he is now a Qualified Handgun Instructor (Licensed) in Maryland providing training for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) and the Wear & Carry Permit (COMAR). He is a Commissioned Special Police Officer in the State of Maryland.  He is certified by BCI to teach the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP).

Mr. Owen continues to monitor the changing atmosphere within Maryland and the rest of the United States concerning gun laws and is resolved to keeping abreast of what the laws actually say and how they apply to gun owners. He attends National conferences like the Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference held by the Second Amendment Foundation. He communicates with national figures and organizations to exchange ideas and to keep up with current events concerning gun rights.

From the time that he was 10 years old, building his first muzzle-loading gun with his dad to now, Mr. Owen is a dedicated 2nd Amendment supporter and avidly voices his support for gun rights.

Marci Owen, Office Manager, Defensive & Protective Solutions, LLC

Marci has 30 years experience as a cosmetologist where she has worked as a regional manager for a major US salon and has owned her own salon.  She has also worked in the Senior Care industry providing qualified care givers to seniors that are homebound.  She is from New York City and grew up on Long Island.  She has recently found an interest in the shooting sports and is a concealed firearm permit holder.  Marci is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in Maryland and is simply the best option for you whether you are buying or selling your home!

She joined DPS in 2014 and runs all administrative functions.