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Here's how to order:

Click on the buy button below and follow the instructions to complete your online order. Please state which caliber and model of pistol you are purchasing Safety Bullets for. You will be shipped two Safety Bullets and an Ejector Rod.

To order by mail:

Send $11.99 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling to:

Defensive & Protective Solutions, LLC
PO Box 1032

La Plata, MD 20646



Your Safety Bullets will be shipped to you in plain packaging. Reason we do this is so that no one knows that you purchased the Safety Bullet. Only those that are authorized to use your gun should be told and shown what this device is all about and how it works. Tell all your gun buddies that you have purchased Safety Bullets and encourage them to buy a pack of Safety Bullets. Your kids might be going over to their house!


We guarantee that the Safety Bullet when loaded properly and fired will instantly disable each gun that it is configured for. When placed properly and fired it will render that firearm inoperable until it is removed.

This a Safety Device and can not harm anyone in any way. It also does not harm your firearm in any way. When used as per our guidelines it will instantly disable any gun that it is designed for. If the Safety Bullet is not placed in the correct position it can not do what it was designed for.

This Safety Device is made for each caliber of firearm and will work in those specific firearms only. The 45 caliber Safety Bullet will only work in the 45 caliber pistol and the 38 Safety Bullet will only work in the 38 caliber pistol, etc.

We are in no way recommending that you keep your gun loaded. What we do recommend is to lock up your gun unloaded of all lethal rounds. Keep one Safety Bullet in the firing chamber and one in the top of the clip.

The Safety bullet is unconditionally guaranteed to perform as stated.

Return the Safety Bullet and its ejector rod for a full and complete refund that includes shipping costs.