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Beyond The Permit Course!


In and uncertain world you want to prepare for any situation, to protect yourself or your loved ones.  If and when that situation arises that you have to use your firearm in self defense, you need to have the confidence and experience of how to engage a threatened force.

Students that acquire the typical conceal carry permit have only satisfied the minimum requirements to obtain the permit without much practical application or hands on training.


We have developed the Beyond The Permit Course so that the student can learn real life techniques to carry, draw, and fire their concealed firearm.

This course will take you from the "okay, what next?" point with your permit to build the techniques to carry your firearm with confidence.  You will learn how to conceal your firearm effectively.  You will learn how to draw that firearm from concealment and present it on target.  You will learn how to clear malfunctions of your firearm as well as how to properly reload it in various conditions.  You will practice the FBI QIT qualification course and upon successful completion you will receive a certificate.

This will be a one day course which begins in the classroom at 8AM.  Classroom time is around three hours and then the remainder of the day will be at an outdoor range, until approximately 4PM.


What will you need for the class?  You will need to have a modern semi-automatic pistol that is reliable, at least three magazines (more is better), a good quality holster, 300 rounds of reliable ammunition, eye and hearing protection, a concealment garment.  We highly recommend electronic hearing protection.  These can be purchased from Amazon for around $25 (or more).

The holster should be made from kydex or hybrid kydex/leather, and be firmly attached to your belt.  A softside IWB (inside the waist band) holster will lose it's form and possibly prevent efficient re-holstering. 

The concealment garment can be an un-tucked shirt that covers the pistol or an open vest or cover shirt.


The Beyond The Permit course is an outdoor course and is subject to the weather.  With exceptions, we will hold the course rain or shine, or snow.  During the summer months you will need sunscreen, a hat, water, and food.  During the winter months you will need suitable clothing to be comfortable but also able to draw and holster your pistol.

The course will have limited seating, however, we will offer the course on a monthly basis.


The course fee is $150  


If you have any questions concerning this please give us a call.